We continue successfully to this day

since 1972

The group of companies active in the construction and sale of modern projects MAKIS VLACHOGIANNIS & ASSOCIATES was established in 1972 by Makis Vlachogiannis today, under his management, the group continues to successfully carry out its business activities in the construction sector. The company provides high-level services in the architectural design and construction sectors and follows contemporary trends, delivering timeless architecture.

It is constantly evolving, creating projects of impeccable esthetics and quality, while focusing on safety, assisted by skilled, experienced associates. In our many years in the sector we have stood out by our focus on the quality of design and the meticulous monitoring of construction. Architecture has always aimed at meeting man’s need for a roof over his head and man’s material and spiritual needs, depending on culture, the environment and a country’s climate.

Vlachogiannis Group

Our mission

Our aim is to design and construct buildings that meet all scientific specifications. We aim to produce architecture with timeless esthetics and propose unique and innovative solutions.

Our wish and efforts are concentrated on implementing your vision; this we achieve by remaining faithful to our quality and principles, creating the appropriate collaboration conditions

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Vlachogiannis Group

Great advantage – our experience!

We are a company that develops and manages real estate and we are active in the wider Athens area and throughout Greece, constructing projects using the plot of land purchase system and the “antiparochi” system.

The company’s greatest advantage is its extensive experience in construction: our activity in the sector goes back 40 years, in which we have constructed over 200 projects. We are, therefore, able to implement any building scenario. We know that the quality of buildings plays an important role in determining our quality of life.

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